Shop in Pittsburgh? Want to listen to 845 amp.


I've been in Pittsburgh for a year now and haven't stumbled across any high-end shops, and have yet to see any advertise online. There's has to be at least one, doesn't there?

I'm someone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. Specifically want to check out the 845 sound. Thanks.
look in the verizon yellow pages under stereophonic and home-theater. good luck... call Mark at northern audio, maybe he can help. 412-931-5850...
It's tough around here.
Listening Post in Shadyside sometimes has some nice tube gear but usually not 845, 2A3 or similar SET amps. Last I saw was McCormack.
Let's make music in Shadyside will/can get anything. However, they usually only have top notch solid state on display.
Triangle on West Liberty has had some tubes but not much., Northern Audio and Video sometime will have something by Rogue or similar. He knows his gear but doubtfully will have much for you.
There was a Sonic Frontiers dealer in North Hills (formerly Better Sound Concepts, owned by Al Tucker) and has changed names a few times. They may have some gear but I'm not sure. I believe they are on Rt. 19 in the shopping center across the street from the Mercedes and Acura dealers.

Hope that helps!
Otherwise, do what I do: TRAVEL (phila, cleveland, NYC...)
email me directly if you need more
Almost forgot:
Online dealer in PGH is BritAudio or BritishAudio???
They are usually on/around audiogon. They are nice
and would arrange for a listening session even though
there is no real showroom.