Shopping at Goodwill anyone?

I check out Goodwill a couple times a month for CD's . the audio equipment is not much to speak of ...until today. I saw this pair of Yamaha NX-E150 bookshelf speakers. All wood thick cabinet, 4.5" coned woofer and 1" tweeter.  I picked them up and they felt pretty substantial by weight.  hum...$6.99 each what do I have to lose.  Got home and set them up , put on my favorite B S and Tears SACD and WOW!  I was blown away...great imaging and soundstage.  They sound 4x as big as they are!   Happy Hunting today!
Yea i will be stopping by more often.  I have 4 or five within a 5 mile radius
I go to several Goodwill stores here in AZ once a week, but no luck with quality audio gear. Most of my scores are mid century ceramics from California, great signed handmade pottery, and other decorative stuff from Italy and other European countries. Incredible prices. 
Love Goodwill!  Shop there often for CDs and the occasional surprise.  Best finds: NAD 3020, DCM TimeFrame TF600s, Acoustic Energy 24" cast iron speaker stands, Sony component Minidisc recorder, and a Sherwood vintage receiver.  Lately though they seem to be getting wise and are putting their best stuff on eBay for higher prices.  Too bad for us.
I check out Goodwill, Salvation Army and St. Vincent De Paul once or twice a week.  Here is a small list:  Paradigm Studio 60's in mint condition $150
Yamaha NS200ma-$80
JBl GA200- $20
JBL Pro Performers-$10
Infinity RS325 w/speaker stands.  All still in the box-$120
Infinity TSS450 Sub $22
Polk R30's Polk PSW50 Sub-$20
Polk LS50's-$50
Polk LSFX-$25
Polk CS275-$25
Technics SB a32-$40
Klipsch THX computer speakers-$40
Denon AVR681-$20
Pioneer SX 315-$20
Yamaha RX V377-$40
Harmon 3270-$30
Marantz 2252B-$45
Pioneer SX205-$30
NAD C316BEE-$10!!!!!!!!
and a whole bunch of Sony,Technics &Toshiba CD players for $10.
The Marantz cost $45 and $58 to repair.  Polk sub $40 repair by Polk authorized dealer.   Both now perfect. That's my only repair jobs.  I always bring a pair of speaker wire and rca's inside to test before I leave in order to test.  I have a system in every room in my home.  Even the master bathroom.  There is a small town an hour away from my home that is Full of millionaires that has 3 thrift stores that is loaded with equipment.  The secret is finding the stores in wealthy communities.
electronics usually go out to the shelves near last in the sorting, testing and pricing workday.

you have to go in at approx 2:30pm, and be there until about 4pm. Arriving past 4pm means you probably missed the good stuff.

the pickers (which would be you, if you follow that schedule) will get the best, generally, if you go to the given store past those times.

I rely upon people’s ignorance but the pickers are getting to be too good and too many of them.

by all means stop in if driving by. It’s like fishing. You can’t expect to catch your fish with one single cast. You have to cast that line lots of times.

This means visit. Often. And pick the right times and right stores.