Shopping for a preamp

I’m in the market for a preamp. I use a Rogue Cronus Magnum Integrated. I have been looking at phono-pre’s which is fine if I use my integrated as a line stage and power amp. I am also thinking long term so I may be best suited to buy a preamp with built in pre and add a power amp down the road. Budget is between $2,500-$4K.

I've had my eye on:

Herron VTPH2
Whest Three Signature
Pass Labs XP-15

I welcome all recommendations on those listed above as well as for other phono-pre’s or for a preamp with built in phono-pre.

My set-up:

Rogue Cronus Magnum
Zu Soul MkII
VPI Scout 1.1
Soundsmith Zephyr MkII
Zu Cabling
Ayre gear is cutting edge stuff.....also K1xemp with phono board should be in your search
I love my Classe CP700. It has a phono stage. lots of detail AND two sets of XLR and single ended outputs. My only complaint is the volume on the display is small and hard to read from across the room. Otherwise, perfect! Joe
I second the Ayre K1xe with built in phono.  Mmmmmmm gooooood!  Also consider a Sanders preamp (it has a built in phono stage).  I am using one right now as Joni Mitchell sings up close and personal.  

The only comparison I made was with the ARC and with the Herron performing so close to this unit at basically a third of the price I didn’t need to look any further. Keith let me audition the unit in my home and it never went back.

Looks like there is a VTPH-2 on this site for sale; no affiliation. They don't come up used very often.

Please check out the Convergent Audio Technologies/ CAT SL1 preamplifier.  No affiliation.  I bought one recently on Audiogon after my tube vendor praised it so highly.  He's been at this for Forty years.  The tube expert was dead on.  He and the seller said that the phono stage is a must to listen to.  I've been in awe.  All I want to do is listen these days.  Happy hunting, Roy