Shopping for Interconnects

Now that I am building two, two speaker stereo systems in my home, I will need some more IC's.  Here are the pieces of equipment I will be using.  Unsure yet about how to pair the amps to speakers but will try both with each pair of speakers to see which sounds best with which pair.

Denon PMA 520  Integrated amp circa 1989
Yamaha A 500 Integrated amp circa 1984
Yamaha S300 CD player.  Two years old.
Onkyo TA-RW311 Cassette Deck.  circa 1997
Carver TX 11a Tuner.  circa 1986

Budge for a pair of IC's is under $100 for each pair.  Will likely buy two.

Currently have Audio Art IC3's which are nice.  Going to still use them.  Also have a pair of Blue Jeans Cable LC-! which I plan to keep.  

Any suggestions?  Not exactly sure how to shop for cables of this nature since each manufacturer seems to claim different sonic characteristics for each cable.  

Ordinarily I would not be up this late but I am dealing with a  bad head cold and now diminishing sinus infection.  Thanks for the additional suggestions.  

Just ordered the Morrow MA 1.1 to try out.  Found out they are silver and not copper wires.  I've heard silver can be bright which I want to avoid.  Hopefully Morrow has found a method to tame the bright sound from silver.  

Will still be buying a couple more pairs in the not too distant future.  Will consider all the additional suggestions as well.  Since I am shopping for two systems, ultimately I will need at least two more pairs of IC's.  Like to have different cables since each produce a different sounds and will help certain recordings to sound better.  One cable does not fit all.
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I would take exception to recommending the Belden 89289 or the 1505f.
Even after trying the much lauded 8402 they all fell short of the 9259! Very highly recommended.
At this point in the development of your system you do not need to spend much on cables. CAT5 will do you just fine. If you don’t want to solder you can buy solderless RCA plugs on Amazon at 10 for $6 and CAT5 cable is a few cents a foot. Spending any more on cables with a system at your level just doesn’t make sense. I use it between my DAC and preamp and the system sounds fantastic. Yes, I am a cable skeptic, but hearing is believing. Check out my system in the virtual systems area.

CAT5 also makes good speaker cables just use a few pair together in parallel

Diageng 10pcs Phono RCA Male Plug a AV Tornillo Terminal Plug Conector

Confirm with Morrow, but I'm pretty certain their wire is silver plated copper and not pure silver.