Shopping for Interconnects

Now that I am building two, two speaker stereo systems in my home, I will need some more IC's.  Here are the pieces of equipment I will be using.  Unsure yet about how to pair the amps to speakers but will try both with each pair of speakers to see which sounds best with which pair.

Denon PMA 520  Integrated amp circa 1989
Yamaha A 500 Integrated amp circa 1984
Yamaha S300 CD player.  Two years old.
Onkyo TA-RW311 Cassette Deck.  circa 1997
Carver TX 11a Tuner.  circa 1986

Budge for a pair of IC's is under $100 for each pair.  Will likely buy two.

Currently have Audio Art IC3's which are nice.  Going to still use them.  Also have a pair of Blue Jeans Cable LC-! which I plan to keep.  

Any suggestions?  Not exactly sure how to shop for cables of this nature since each manufacturer seems to claim different sonic characteristics for each cable.  

One of the major advantages to cables is that it will help shore up shortcomings in some parts of a system with improved audio quality.  A much more affordable way to upgrade the sound of a system vs buying new and much more expensive gear.
I purchased an adequate length of Belden 9259 on eBay and the RCA's from Parts Express
Gold Male RCA's
Nickel Male RCA's
These Neutrik connectors worked very well but require soldering. Avoid crimp types. Match the metals at each end to your amplifiers Female RCA's and your Preamps RCA's
Quick addendum to my above post.
If you don't have the soldering equipment or skills then take your components to an electronics repair shop and have the technician do the work for you.
perizi.  What does the Nickel do to the sound quality?  I've never heard of anyone using Nickel plated RCA connectors before.

Found someone that can do the soldering.  Same guy that is looking at my Denon amp.  Will look into the wire you suggested as well.  My guess is that I will have around half a dozen different IC's and eventually I am certain that with some recordings I will prefer one set of cable or two over the others.  Makes sense to have a variety considering I have a large collection of music.