Short list of musical subwoofers

I plan to invest a "musical" subwoofer to augment the music listening experience of my current two-channel sound system. After a few digging over the acting forum and on-line reviews, it seems the following budgetary sealed (primarily) subwoofers are often mentioned and raved:

- Rythmic L12 (18Hz; sealed, servo controlled; 300 watts RMS; $609);

- RSL Speedwoofer 10S (24Hz; front ported; 350 watts; $428);

- Rel T5x (8 in; 32Hz@-6db; 125 watts; $680)

- SVS SB 1000 (24Hz, sealed; 300 watts; $450) or 2000 (19Hz; sealed; 500 watts; $600);

All above claim to have quick, accurate bass that is good for music listening. Rel, although not being able to extend to 20Hz, has been highly rated for easy integration into the sound system. I am not even sure if being able to get down low and/or the wattage of the active amp are critical to the musical application. My living room is about 25 ft wide and 20 ft deep. I do have limited budget but if others are warranted for a higher price tag in your opinion I am willing to bump up the budget. You inputs are highly appreciated.


I just upgraded my system and I added a REL t9x

About 3 weeks ago and I love it!  Its a big difference

in sounstage the beat of the drums etc.  

I also added a simaudio 280d dac and their 340 ix amp.

my speakers are totem rainmakers, but I also upgraded to

aerial acoustics 5t, which are still breaking in, but they still

present an amazing difference in sounstage over the rainmakers

which I loved.  I’ve tested with and without the sub and whether

with my rainmakers or aerials the difference is very noticeable.

i’m extremely pleased with how easy the rel integrates with my system!




I had a Velodyne SPL 1000 for almost 20 years. I wanted to upgrade, and ordered a RSL Speedwoofer. That was a fast pass. I ordered a SVS SB-2000. It was an awesome sub. All those applications were for my home theater. For my dedicated 2 channel audio system, I recently replaced my floor-standers with bookshelf speakers. I was so pleased with the first SVS that I bought another. I bought a SVS SB-1000 Pro. For me, I think sealed box subs sound fast, articulate, and do a double bass justice. Bass reflex subs produce low frequency noise. No bass reflex in my home.

Guys........the room size is also a big factor. I have a system on the long wall at one end, a sixty foot wall, and eighteen feet across, allowing long wave lengths to propagate nicely. The longer the room, the better possibility of more enjoyable results. I am more of a movie watcher than audiophile lately, and two bag End Infra 18's have it covered nicely, to eight hz.

I'm kind of surprised no one has chimed in on the RSL Speedwoofer 10, I recently picked one up and am thrilled with the tight, accurate bass. A bargain at $399, I plan on getting a 2nd. Read the reviews. It integrates easily and has lots of punch. I have it set at around 45hz and picks up where my Tekton DI monitors slope off, really filled out the bottom end nicely. Great for rock and techno