Short runs of flexible power cord?

I just spent $ 200 (mostly for shipping) to have my Jolida 302B repaired: the IEC was damaged due to the torque from the heavy Transparent power cord. It's admittedly too long but also incredibly stiff. I could really use some help here. Are there companies that make flexible power cables in shorter (less than 1 M) runs, that sound good??????
I use a block of wood as a stain relief on my source power cable (it's at the top of the rack). Just cut to fit so that the weight of the cable is on the block and not the IEC. This can leave a small indentation on the cable but a rubber etc. pad can elimante/minimize this. No need to swap cables.
I have had to put objects, such as wood boxes, bricks, VPI Bricks and books near the connector to relieve tension at the connection point. I have also attached string to the connector and attached the string to the wall with a screw at the outlet. I have also used Velcro ties to secure the cable to the equipment rack. This works well in rack mounted equipment.
Heavy cords can be a problem.
I do not re-call ever seeing a power cord shorter than 1 meter.
Joe Nies
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