Short speaker cable recommendation

Wondering if any one knows of a great speaker cable for really short application. Will be running from balanced Quicksilver V4 monoblocks bi-wired into Vandersteen 5A's. Could be as short as 12 inches. More likely 18".

I have been using Audioquest in the past. Their shortest length for any model appears to be 4 feet.

Any manufacturers offering wires this short? If I need to build them myself, any suggestions? Thanks!
I emailed tajacobs and asked him if the 14g WE wire had the same tinned copper strands as the 16g, only more of them. His answer was yes. The 14g might be better for less sensitive speakers and/or longer runs, don't you think?
Yazaki-san, in Day Blog said same, especially if you have a run beyond 4
meters if I remember correctly. I believe he stated 16ga better up to slightly
longer than 3 meters.
I already have my WE 16ga and it sounds very big, seductive
and nuanced/expressive, even though they are not broken in

(I do not have a cable cooker)

Grannyring you nailed it: "just honest to goodness beautiful
sounding cable."

Mikirob thanks for your input as well

this may be the best deal I ever got in this crazy hobby

OP - buy some (if you can find it, they look sold out)
Yes, I doubled up on the runs and when combined with the Belden IC the net result is awesome. The sum of the two together is greater than the individual greatness of each.

This has to be one of the greatest all time audio buys. How could this have been such a hidden gem all these years! The Belden 8402 and the WE16ga must be heard together for the full greatness to be heard. I also feel two runs of the WE16 per pole sounds better than one run. More body and weight with all of the same layering and beauty.
I will consider (and look into) the Belden 8402 but I am pretty darn happy with Mogami 2534 mic cable and Neutrik pro fi ends especially for $58.