Short speaker cable recommendation

Wondering if any one knows of a great speaker cable for really short application. Will be running from balanced Quicksilver V4 monoblocks bi-wired into Vandersteen 5A's. Could be as short as 12 inches. More likely 18".

I have been using Audioquest in the past. Their shortest length for any model appears to be 4 feet.

Any manufacturers offering wires this short? If I need to build them myself, any suggestions? Thanks!
I can not find the 8402 online except for ebay 300ft

can you help? also where do you buy the RCA jacks you use?

thanks so much

Here is the link. They build them just like the Jeff Day site and expert amp
builder suggest using the same Switchcraft connectors and special solder.
Need to buy two for a set of two. Takes about 4 days to make a set and
ship out.

They take about 36 hours to settle in. You will be very pleased.

I sold $1000 Kimber for these and my sound is better to my ears and taste.
I looked for the special solder to no avail, can you tell me what to ask for?

thank you again
They will build them for you. Are you wanting to build your own? If not, just order the set from the site and they will build them for you with all the right parts etc...they follow the Jeff Day blog recipe.
I see, I did not understand and wanted to make sure, thank you
for everything! I placed the order and I look forward to
hearing the Belden!