Short speaker cable recommendation

Wondering if any one knows of a great speaker cable for really short application. Will be running from balanced Quicksilver V4 monoblocks bi-wired into Vandersteen 5A's. Could be as short as 12 inches. More likely 18".

I have been using Audioquest in the past. Their shortest length for any model appears to be 4 feet.

Any manufacturers offering wires this short? If I need to build them myself, any suggestions? Thanks!
Just wanted to thank Grannyring for the recommendation on the WE 16 guage wire. I had purchased enough to make 8 ft quad star biwire pair. I only have around 30 hrs on them and I am flat out amazed of the improvements in all area's . I had to juggle some interconnects and tubes to get the proper balance which was easy to do. The sound my system is now producing is absolutely terrific it mirrors all the praise of everyone on this thread. I have not ordered the belden I/C yet because I have a hard time believing it can improve on what I am hearing now . Maybe with 100 or so hrs I might try the belden to experiment, I just wanted to give you props for the information you put out.
I am so glad that you find these cables as engaging as I do. As Grannyring stated, "this combo is simply as good as it gets," is true to my ears. I had a good hearty laugh when I received an email from the Cable Company informing me that Shun Mook was selling Western Electric speaker cables for over $3,000. I'm giddy thinking about that one.

The real hero here to thank is Shirokazu Yazaki-san who brought this wire to the attention of Jeff Day (reviewer extraordinaire for Positive Feedback and 6 Moons) and Jeff Day brought this WE wire to our attention via his Wordpress Blog: that Grannyring kindly linked. You should read Day's blog, most people could learn quite a lot. Best, Rob
Oldcar63 I have been around the block a few times and the Belden is blowing me away like nothing else
Mikirob, thanks for turning us all onto this based on your comments in another thread. You were spot on! Some will not be opened minded enough to believe this and others may think it is just another flavor of the day. Oh my I sure wish every Aphile would try some and learn first hand.

I suppose it is possible some systems and ears would prefer another set of wires. I feel very strongly that the WE16 wire should be doubled up and run with the Belden ICs for the full effect. Others have tried this and feel the same way. I just finished putting the WE wire in my speakers.