Shortening my short list – Thiel 3.6 vs VMPS rm30?

You've all been incredibly helpful in creating my speaker short list. Because I live in a remote rural area and don't have the luxury of auditioning speakers, I'm depending on the opinions/experiences of Audiogoners. So, without further ado... Thiel 3.6's or VMPS rm 30's? Rowland Coherence pre, Edge M4 power & Vandersteen powered sub in a "hard" room with a listening distance of 8-9 ft from speakers. Thanks in advance.
You might be amazed at how monitors sound with a sub but nowhere near as IMPRESSED by the large full body experience of a VMPS, and you wont have the hassle that integrating a sub may give you.
As a VMPS owner myself (FF3SRE) I can tell you that the VMPS models make the room much less of an issue then many other models...........I think you will be all smiles.
I vote against the RM30, i had a pair and the build quality, resale value and bass response is sub par. They also miss midrange bloom.

The Edge M4 might be a little light for the Thiel 3.6's, you might need a bigger amp.