Shot gunning tonight.

My audio definition is putting on a record and loading a CD so you can have chain listening. Hey I could employ my dragon into the mix. How many sources do you have?
Too many......

All separate components.

CEC CD player
Sony ubp BluRay player.
Network for streaming Qobuz, Tidal etc.built into my Ayre QX8.
Nakamichi zx7 cassette player.
Nakamichi 660zx cassette player.
Pioneer rt707 R2R player.
Garrard 401 record player
Samsung tv for Pandora, YouTube etc.
NAS storage from main PC.

8 or 9 depending how you want to count
Two sources and that is, 99% of the time one too many as vinyl has consumed my listening time for the last 55 years with a very brief period of about 2 years when CDs were exploding in the 80s. Have a very well setup digital side but just don't use it. Enjoy the music.
I have a plethora of options - 5 turntables, 2 streamers, 2 computer playback systems, 2 SACD players, 2 Oppo players (the only time I use these for music is for 5.1 SACDs).  The turntables in my main system and the computer playback systems in my home office and computer room get the most use.