Should Amps be plugged into a power conditioner?


After reading about the amplifier hum, it was mentioned that some knowledgeable people say NOT to plug an amp into a power conditioner. Plug it directly into a wall outlet. Thankfully, I do not have a hum issue, but am curious as to what others say about where to plug your amp into. 

Thank you!


I have a Shunyata Hydra 6 and my amp is a McIntosh MC 7300.  At one time I contacted Shunyata directly and the head tech person told me to plug the McIntosh directly into the wall.  FWIW.

When I purchased Emotiva’s differential pre-amp (XDA-3) and their power amp (XPA-Dr3, ~ 500w/ch) together with their own power conditioner, their recommendation was to NOT plug the power amp into the conditioner but straight into the wall outlet. 

Dedicated line from panel to amp. Everything else goes into the power conditioner. After experimenting, this arrangement has worked best for me…. Just sayin’

For whatever it's worth, in my experience with my Parasound Halo a21+, plugging it directly into the wall or into my Black Lion PG2R conditioner/regulator dedicated power amp section has resulted in no significant improvement. Furthermore, other tweaks made on this specific amp has resulted in no significant improvement, like Patrick Cullen PC and purple fuse. However, the PCs and fuses upgrades have had very significant improvements on all my digital gear. Point being, you always have to find these things out for yourself with your particular system in your listening environment. There is unfortunately no shortcut.

All of my components are plugged into my MPC1500. C2700, MC611's, MCD600,MP1100. I have never had any issues. The MPC1500 has both switched and unstitched outlets available. When there is the threat of storms in the area which is frequently this time of year, I unplug the MPC1500.