Should Amps be plugged into a power conditioner?


After reading about the amplifier hum, it was mentioned that some knowledgeable people say NOT to plug an amp into a power conditioner. Plug it directly into a wall outlet. Thankfully, I do not have a hum issue, but am curious as to what others say about where to plug your amp into. 

Thank you!



Since integrated amplifiers include a power amplifier, then this discussion would be relevant, but I never had hum of any sort prior to using a conditioner.  A conditioner can change/improve the musical presentation and further quiet the background…but it isn’t an overt hum that most of us are concerned with..


My system is much improved running all of it, including ARC Classic 60, through a PS Audio PowerPlant 12. Bass, soundstage, detail all better, no question. And it's all protected from surge. 

@jsalerno277 Most power conditioners do not provide surge protection - make sure what you have is truly protecting your equipment.

Remember that it's very important to have the power amp plugged in someplace or it simply won't work at all.