should everyone just order emm?

i have levinson gear now, and it of course has been bested by
umteen transports and processors in the last 2-3 years. and now, without meitner, i may as well jump in a lake and swallow a snake. can the most rational fellow music lovers out there (no "asylum" cases please) explain how and why i/we should 1.go for any new major improvements NOW 2. wait for blue lasers(?) 3. buy more REDBOOK CD'S 4. clean off some of my old vinyl and relax to some leonard bernstein or some horowitz. 5. jump into the lake anyway having done all of the above. please advise. thanks so very much.
The DCC2 is pretty expensive, but if replacing a very good CDP, the cost is not so outrageous, but add the EMM Transport and we are talking a lot of $$$.
Anybody who has tried the modified Phillips compatible transport, please comment on
1) availability
2) comparitive sonic virtues
3) price difference
Ironically option 4 is your best bet in terms of bypassing the issue of technological obsolence.

While EMM enjoys a very good reputation, there are other options out there as well. My Audio Synthesis DAX Discrete, placed on a slightly tweaked Machina Dynamica Promethean Base, matches the resolution of my analog system, and provides nearly as much enjoyment.

FWIW, the DAX Discrete is more popular in Europe than here in the US.

Audio Synthesis Website
People regularly take a beating selling their often expensive CD players to go for the latest greatest thing. It's not called the "Bleeding Edge" for nothing.

Now, once they have done that, do you really think that we're going to hear an objective opinion from them about the quality of the player? Are they going to say, "I was an idiot to sell my old player for such a low price, then spend way more to get this new one, and it's just not that much better than the old one!!"

No, I don't think we're ever going to hear that. They rave about the new piece to justify their expenditure. It's only human.
Now, don't any of the rest of you rush into a buying decision like that. Just, well, go jump in the lake and cool off!! (and think about it ;-) Enjoy what you have and don't change it unless it's really worth it!
>>Are they going to say, "I was an idiot to sell my old player for such a low price, then spend way more to get this new one, and it's just not that much better than the old one!!"<<

Inside this piece of bad logic is a good point and that is that you should always take someone's opinion as a starting point in your research. Other than that, there is a flawed presumption that no one is ever happier with the new piece of equipment, they just lie about it, which probably does happen,
but if used as a *presumption* -- like most presumptions -- it leads to the notion that everyone who doesn't say what Golden Ears has predetermined is the right answer, is failing to tell you the truth. However, his argument is done in by the fact that all of us know that we *have* upgraded and *have* been legitimately happier with the new piece -- that's why the presumption is flawed. Unless you want to believe that everyone who has ever upgraded and failed to tell you they were foolish for doing so is a liar. Does that make any sense?

The simple fact is -- *EARLY ADOPTERS* of any technoology will always pay a premium to be first in line. Emm Labs gear *is* expensive, but you have to understand the price point in which they are competing. Emm Labs isn't alone at this price point. Linn, Burmeister, and several other digital solutions are available at that price point -- AND HIGHER.

At it's PRICE POINT, Emm Labs offers excellent value. Does it offer value compared to players that might get you 75% of the way there for less money?
I doubt Emm Labs owners are asking themselves that question.

If you don't want to be an early adopter, are willing stick with what you have, want to wait until the technology is available at a lower price -- no problem.
Soothing yourself with the notion that all those raving about the equipment are liars is understandable on a human level, but ain't going to wash on a logical one.

I still own my two former digital front ends, they are in other systems around the house -- I gave one of them, a Sony SCD XA777ES, to my brother for his birthday. To my ears, the redbook CD playback of the Emm Labs is superior -- to the SACD playback of the Sony player -- and I used to be thrilled with the SACD playback of the Sony. I cannot believe I have a player that makes redbook CD's sound this good.

Since I have around 1,500 CD's -- getting this much enjoyment out of them is worth the expenditure. Again -- the SACD playback is even better, but I take the SACD playback as a bonus.
Ironically enough, I know how to spell obsolescence. Just not in my last post however. :-)