Should I bridge two Bryston 4BST Carver Amazing?

OK, here's my delema. I'm using a Krell FPB 300cx with an Audio Research SP8 MKII, Wadia 861 CD player and Carver Amazing Platnum speakers. I was thinking about pulling two Bryston 4BST Pro's from my HT system and "bridgeing" them to get more power for the Amazings. The Krell does a pretty good job, but I think more watts would sound fuller. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Depends on the speaker impedence. The Brystons probably won't drive a low impedence load while bridged. But it's definitely easy to try.
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I think you will find that even two Brystons in bridged mode will still not compete with the Krell 300c. It is all about current...not wattage. Goodluck!
I would like to revive this forum! i am in the process of acquiring a pr of N802's mate them with Krell KSA 150 with MIT cables, Bryston bp25 preamp MIT speaker cable, XLR cables I think this is a great match! I will keep you posted!but currently listening to a pair of Theil CS3.6 with the Krell Ksa 150 and Krell HTS pre/pro. Not too bad at all!!!