Should I buy the B&W 804d's or 805d's

Has anyone heard both speakers? I have the older 805's now along with a B&W sub. I could go either way.
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>> When I was on my speaker search I listened to the B&Ws first followed by the Sonus faber line. To me I prefered the SF's over B&W but was just a tad too much laid back. When I heard the C1's I had to have them right then. My search was over.<<

FYI, the B&W diamond series was released this year. So there is no way you compared your C1's to the 805"Di" when you were on your speaker search a year ago.
Interesting. The dealer I went to told me the entire 800 series had switched to the diamond series when I was searching and there was no difference in the way they looked. They also told me that all the drivers had been upgraded not just the tweeters. I may have been misinformed. I didn't know any better and they were the only brick and mortar dealer I refuse to buy anything from them because of their attitude.

Just found my B&W brochure and you are right. Both the 804 and 805 did not have the diamond tweeter at the time I listened to them. Also at the time I thought floorstanders would work in my room and was more interested on the 802 and 803's which is why I didn't ask more questions regarding the 804 and 805's.

Thank you for correcting me