Should I consider the newer Audio Research pre & power amps, when I play records not CD's

I worked in and owned upper end audio stores back in the 1970's. (McIntosh B&O Magnepan, etc) I have been pretty much out of audio for the past 30 years. In my old age, I want to play the records I have saved (many MFSL & Japanese virgin vinyl) I kept my B&O linear 4002 W/mmc20CL cart. and it still works and I have newer B&W 804 speakers. I am going to get a new table of better quality. I have always wanted an Audio Research tube amp and Preamp. I am considering the LS 26 or LS17SE Preamp and older D90/115 or newer VS 115 or the Ref 75SE. I am in my 60's and my hearing is not as good as it was, plus I am lost with all the digital technology. (just started using a smart phone) I just wanted to get opinions spending $4000 on older ARC or bite the bullet and spend in the $7000 up. Is it worth spending the money for the new equipment when I am only playing records. 
I can't say I am converted but the older I get some things are just easier. I was so thankful the preamps had a remote. Learning about digital DAC and Streamers is very confusing, but I will figure it out. "I hope"
If you are looking at tube amplifiers I would consider the Bob Carver Corporation Crimson/Raven Mono Bloc 350. They have a 10 year guarantee on tubes. ARC has a 90 day guarantee. All the amplifiers are handmade with point to point wiring. The are approximately 1/3rd the cost of a "comparable" ARC. (Ref 250 SE that is a stereo amp also.) Note: The predecessor 305 had a wonderful review in TAS with REG I recall. I have auditioned this 350 amp with both the latest Carver ALS System as well as my SoundLabs U-1PX/Consummates. Very transparent. Because of his special design(s) the tubes don't even run hot! Also, you do not need to rewire a modern house like you do with the ARCs to run the 350s. The Carver is a final purchase unlike ARC. Why?  The ARC marketing plan is calculated to bring the audiophile, not the music lover in trolling for the next iteration much more frequently than their competitors - always new models, always trade-ins, always new reviews, - suckers. This true will all the brands under the holding company that owns McIntosh and ARC. I judge that by their actions, not their statements.

For a line preamp, right now I am auditioning a line of $2995-$8500 tube preamps that have some very innovative patents and design. They too are hand made in the USA and comprise mostly point to point wiring. Again we are speaking about the best value and best sound for the $

I might say I am not a "tube guy" or a "solid state guy," or a digital guy or an analog guy. Some people like various forms of music and music sources. If you want a swiss army knife of digital, get an OPPO 105D or 105 pre-owned. You can see my present reference system on audioasylum. Haven't had a chance to update it here.

I will be back after I audition the preamps with a further report.

As the far as the B&O goes I believe there are folks who refurbish these. After the hiatus you'll at least want to clean or preferably replace the belts. Soundsmith in NY, I think, has a line of replacement cartridges. As far as a phono preamp goes I use a solid state Pass product presently. They have excellent customer service. I would not hesitate to buy a pre-owned one. I personally like the lack of noise a well-engineered solid state phono preamp has versus a tube phono preamp, as a rule. I will experiment with the Pass as a phono stage the range of tube Line amps I am auditioning.  Finally, there is a feedback switch with on the Carver Mono Blocks so you can switch them from a "Modern" to a "Classic" sound. For speakers, with few exceptions, you can never have too much power. I like iconoclasts.
I went thru the B&O (new caps, belts, and lub. It is a good table but I am going to keep it with the video system. I have beem looking at turntables and phono preamps. Vpi is high on the list and also Music Hall, Rega, and Thorens. I have not done any research on new cartridges. I have an older Denon 103D, Shure V15 Type lll, and an extra B&O mmc20cl I can use. I have always liked the Denon.