Should I graduate to floor standers or will larger bookshelves suffice?

Hey guys,
I moved into a larger space several years ago, more of an open floor plan, and soon realized that my current speakers, Legacy Studio HD, in a surround array, might be a bit overwhelmed. It’s a weird, asymmetrical space, but it’s also significantly larger than my previous one. So the title of my post says it all…can I still get adequate coverage with bookshelf speakers, or do I now need floor standers? A friend told me to basically “sit closer to the tv” but that isn’t practical.

I thought about the Calibres from Legacy as an option, which is about my price range…up to 7k or so. I also see all these great internet only brands, like Fritz, or Philharmonic, etc, and I hear about their prodigious extension and sound stage, but can these bookshelves fill my room, or any room for that matter?

Let me also add, I have no problem graduating to floor standers, so suggestions are also welcome.

Thanks in advance.


@jonasandezekiel you’re not crazy, I was trying to agree with you that your bases are likely covered on power and bass.  No matter what kind of speakers you choose, with your room, some digital signal processing like Dirac Live might be beneficial, especially for bass management.  

You’ve gotten lots of good advice on different speakers to look at, I have nothing to add other than good tone, timbre and PRAT can help distract to some degree from less than perfect room acoustics.  

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Does anyone have any experience with Arendal speakers? They look really nice with great specs for the money, but of course you can’t listen to specs….