should i listen to cs's on dvd or cd player

i have and old yamaha cdc-635 changer 1993 production s/n ratio of 110 about $350 new. i reciently got a onkyo dv-cp702 dvd changer s/n ratio 100 $200 new. my reciever is onkyo tx sr702. dvd player is connected using acoustic research pro 2 series hd digital auido cable $29. it is also connected with a/r pro 2 analog cables (manual says to use in conjunction with remote controll cord for remote to work between the 2).

1. should i just use cheep analog connection for dvd?

2. which of the 2 players would do a better job on cd's.
The answer is from the reponse above...the one that sounds best to you. I can tell you that my wife "had to have a changer" so I bought her a Yamaha and I will tell you that upon listening I thought it was a very "polite" player in that it seemed smoother than other inexpensive player I had listened to and in CD, erroring in politeness is a good thing. I doubt that spending much money on cabling at this point will change much sonically. Your speakers and amp must be very revealing and the CD player must be able to extract the smallest nuances to hear the differences there "might" be. In these cases you would own similar items that are rated Class A, B, and possibly C to look that deep into the sound stage. When you look at the investment in gear most good reviewers own you can understand how they "might" hear the differences in cable. Do not let the hobby have you agonizing over what should be great joy...listening to music you love.
i have been listening to the yamaha for 10 years and have never seen the need for upgrade. i have listened to the onkyo for a couple of months now and it sounds the same except for some strange noises at the start of playback. similar to other cheap dvd players i have delt with. i just thought todays d/a converters would be substantually better.