Should I pull the trigger?

I have a chance to pick up a nice pair of Triangle Celius 202s, but I already own a set of PSB Stratus Silvers ('i' version). To me, the Triangles appear to be similar to the PSBs in physical size and driver complement (although the Triangles may sound a little more refined?). The current owner of the Triangles is using them with a tube amp, which tells me they've had an easy life and probably have not been abused sonically. I really like my Stratus Silvers and have owned them for about 10 years......they do so many things right and so few wrong in my book. I've always wanted a pair of Triangle speakers and don't want to miss this opportunity, but have misgivings that I'd just be buying another set of Silver i's, so to speak. If I get the Triangles, I plan on using them with a Thule Spirit IA-60 integrated amp.
If you are buying it right go ahead and pull! I always buy when I can break even and normally make a little dough when I sell. No real risk and you get to try out some new stuff! 
Look at hifishark and see the past listings for asking price. Maybe take 15-20% off the average since that was just the asking price. I just got some Focal 836w for $700 bucks. Gotta jump if it’s a good deal on will be gone. Probably not a hot speaker right now so don’t be shy to give a lower offer. 
My quick take; I wouldn't be surprised if the Triangle speakers were perceptually superior. The driver config. is different enough to assure it wouldn't be a clone. 
Why?  What improvements are you looking for from your PSBs and what do you think the Triangles will do to achieve them?  There are LOTS of good speakers out there nowadays so it’s important to be specific about what characteristics you’re looking to improve upon.