Should I Sell My ARC REF 6 and Get A Pass Labs XP-32

So here's the question.  I love my ARC REF 6.  It's a great piece of equipment.  But  lately, I have been thinking that maybe I should switch from tubes to a Pass Labs XP-32, as I don't want to worry about replacing tubes in the future (like 5-10 years from now -- I know that there is plenty of stock now and I have a spare set anyway) as I approach retirement age.  Of course, other than buying a Pass Labs XP-32 and putting it into my system to see how it sounds, I am at the mercy of professional reviewers. The rest of my system: I have a Pass Labs 250.8 (so I think that there would be great synergy with the XP-32), MSB Discrete DAC with Premier Power Base and Wilson Sabrina X speakers, and a full loom of Shunyata cables.  Will the XP-32 be an improvement over the REF 6 for my system?  Should I sell the REF 6 and get an XP-32?


@tonywinga I’d say moving in any direction between Ref 6 and XP22 is essentially a lateral move but it will come down to personal sonic preference, tube maintenance aside. 
Since the XP32 is a step up from XP22, going there from Ref 6 should be an upgrade. I’d be shocked if this would be a lateral move. 

@welcher interesting as I haven’t seen this comparison before but it reflects exactly what I observed comparing Ref 6 and XP22. When I mentioned bass speed and definition and clarity, this is pretty much it with the XP vs Ref with Ref being slightly softer. 

Pass preamps file miserably to measure up against their amplifiers. I had both the xp-20 and 30 and they were anemic, sterile, and lifeless when paired with my Pass XA 60.8's.

Yea, that is my experience with an XP-10.   I purchased it to go with my 250.8 and I was really disappointed in the overall sound of the two together.   I then replaced the XP-10 with a Hegel preamp and liked the sound quality much better.   I then replaced the Hegel with a SimAudio 740P and it made beautiful magic with my 250.8.   I've since moved on from my 250.8 but the 740P still remains :)