Should I Sell My ARC REF 6 and Get A Pass Labs XP-32

So here's the question.  I love my ARC REF 6.  It's a great piece of equipment.  But  lately, I have been thinking that maybe I should switch from tubes to a Pass Labs XP-32, as I don't want to worry about replacing tubes in the future (like 5-10 years from now -- I know that there is plenty of stock now and I have a spare set anyway) as I approach retirement age.  Of course, other than buying a Pass Labs XP-32 and putting it into my system to see how it sounds, I am at the mercy of professional reviewers. The rest of my system: I have a Pass Labs 250.8 (so I think that there would be great synergy with the XP-32), MSB Discrete DAC with Premier Power Base and Wilson Sabrina X speakers, and a full loom of Shunyata cables.  Will the XP-32 be an improvement over the REF 6 for my system?  Should I sell the REF 6 and get an XP-32?


Obviously, yes. With this current market it simply makes no sense investing into high dollar AR gear.

However, good luck finding a buyer whose willing to pay you what it’s worth. It’s a shame what’s happened to AR. But PL gear will be selling for top used $ when PL is long gone. You do understand that right?


Your other option is to simply say to heck with all that’s happening and simply enjoy your gear while you have it, and deal with its market value at a later time. That too has a consequence, which I suspect may be the reason behind considering selling the AR now? Or perhaps not. Best of luck to you!


?   You mean because ARC was bought by a well intended, highly leveraged person and had to sell it to a great deep pockets owner?


If so, none of that is a reason not to buy or not to sell.

@ghdprentice, you’re absolutely correct. The current market state of ARC is. Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rug and haven’t observed all of these ARC related threads due to a tanking ARC market. Or perhaps, we can agree to disagree?

As a buyer, I would be skeptical too given recent re-structuring. Next few months would be interesting at ARC, we will get to see how they respond to back log of repairs and instill confidence among potential buyers by resuming production and hopefully introduce new models.



Yes, we completely disagree. Audio Research is in absolutely no danger of going out of business.

I have corresponded with Trent Suggs shorty after he bought ARC and while owner. And I have a friend that recently spent over an hour with Valerio Cora, the new owner. Audio Research is in no jeapordy of going out of business, what so ever. It is a completely viable ongoing business. The difficulty arose from the fact that Trent bought the company with borrowed money and a cash flow problem with the tube costs and interest rates rising.

In fact, two friends of mine purchased ARC components while they were in receivership.

If there is some discount because of this event… great opportunity to buy. Even if the company went out of business… there is so much ARC stuff out there, some former employees would set up a company to support the existing stuff. Like Threshold an other iconic companies.

But, ARC is going no where, but on to greater things.