Should I Try a Tube Preamp?

Presently I listen 80-90% to vinyl (using a modified Technics 1200) connected to a Parasound 2100 preamp, then Parasound 2250 amp in a small room (12' x 21') with older but decent standmount speakers (these to be upgraded in future).

Someone suggested that an upgrade to my system would be a good tube preamp to replace the 2100. I have no experience or knowledge of tube components so am wondering two things: 1) What benefit/improvement would I obtain from a tube versus solid state preamp (assuming I continue to use the solid state Parasound amp)? 2) Which good tube preamp would fit a budget under $1000?

Thanks, in advance, for any and all comments or suggestions.
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I know where you are coming from. I was there about a year ago. Start with the speakers, then if you want the tube sound I recommend a tube power amp.

I started with Monitor Audio RS6 speakers followed by Quicksilver Mid-mono monoblocks, driven by a Mackie D2 mixer as a pre-amp. Check my system for the full details.

Without a good set of speakers you will never fully benefit from a tube amp. But good speaker, will provide an immediate benefit and likely motivate you to upgrade your amp.

IMHO, upgrade from speakers and back to the source.
This discussion sounds like audiophile philosophy 101.

The question is should he get a tube amp.
I say yes.
Especially if Ken has a analog rig.

how's that for making trouble?