Should I try to improve speakers at $2000.00 range

SPEAKERS...Celestion SL700SE...old but Like new
AMPS...Quicksilver 90 watt silver monos
PREAMP...Quicksilver LS model
DAC...Rega...Theta Miles as transport
CABLES... Kimber 8tc/8tc bi-wire (speakers), Kimber kcag and silverstreak (interconnect), Kimber 75 coaxial (Miles to DAC)
I knew the Celestion 6's as great speakers, but did not and don't know the 700's. I own the Spendor SA1's and they are superb little speakers, sounding much bigger than their size would indicate.I formerly has the S3/5 and the "R" version. The SA1's are a major leap forward.Very sophisticated little devils. You should give them a listen.

We sold the Celestions back in the day nice sold speakers
With your Quicksilver electronics the latest 2 K plus Vandersteen 2CE Sigs now features the Vandy Fives Mid range and Tweeter will offer a much better transition and play light years above what you have now.

Cheers Johnnyr
if the celestions were made today, they would cost much more than 2k. they are keepers.
((04-03-09: Jaybo
still putting drivers in haven't missed much
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Jaybo maybe you need to get out more and hear this stuff
his Quicksilver system would optimize with the Vandies
no contest
Best JohnnyR
This thread demonstrates one of my pet peeves. I should say at the outset, that I am not singling out Johnnyr or Dayglow. But, I have to ask Dayglow has he ever owned a pair of Sl-700s? Has Johnnyr heard a pair of Sl-700s since "back in the day"? I own a pair of SL-700s, as well as other speakers. You may agree or disagree about my assessment. I don't know whether they are better or not as good as the Silver 17.5, because I never heard the latter. Relying on aural memory from 20 years ago, probably with different source components or amplification, or based upon what you may have read about other speakers is largely meaningless. It seems obvious that answers to these types of threads many times are responses based upon what that individual currently owns and rarely based upon actual comparisons. Rant button off.