Should I Update My Krell KAV 250a ?

I bought this when it came out and it has always sounded great in my system. I know that there was one fuse replacement recall and some further factory  updates. Should I send it back to Krell for the updates? I would be so bummed if I had these done and it didn’t sound as good in my system .


i have a cj mf 2500a

and mccormack dna 500

both have been updated and the mccormack just back from cj, havent even open it up yet. make me an offer. 770-426-7275

Usually I find that when I start thinking about tinkering with the internals of a piece of gear I end up doing the mods, and then selling it anyway. 🤣

So I guess my advice is to go ahead and sell it as-is and find something else.

Appreciate the feedback, but I’m not looking to sell or get a different amp. The amp has a synergy with my system that I dig. Just wondering if I should do the factory updates. Part  of my reluctance is that “new” versions and “updates”, do not always make a system sound better. Has anyone out there done the updates on this amp, and if so what were your results? Thx:))

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