Should people with no turntable or reel to reel be considered audiophiles?

Just like those driving a Porsche SUV can join PCA (digital audio fans can join Audiogon) but are certainly not Porschephiles unless they also own a coupe (Panamera owners I guess gets a pass here).

Please respond with a yes or no and we'll tally a vote for the first 100 responses.

See there you go again, asking a goofy question. Vinyl vs digital vs reel to reel. I’m about the digital baby. My home theater would set you straight for sure.. wanna watch a movie. Ok, bring on the Cary audio 250 watt rms per channel 105 lb bad boy please. Love those 7 independent channels. Of course I don’t want to leave out the 20k I’ve spent on new and used Shunyata power cords and conditionIng. Love my Sigma Nr, now that’s a cord worth every penny. We also don’t want to leave out the 5400 simaudio Dac with hardware Mqa decoding or the hand built music server (I built that one since, you know, I like to do those things). Now I’ll give you some advise, no matter what you own, isolate the heck out of it and then do more isolating. I use mostly finite elemental slimline, cerapuc and ceraball. They are flat amazing. Oh and don’t forget the room treatments and bass traps and... you get the message. My ocd ass has been tweaking and buying and tweaking and more buying for years. Pretty much since the 80’s. My system plays movies as loud and ferocious as anyone can take. Thanks Audio physic and the sledgehammer Jbl fathom. 2 channel will always be my first love but since I can have both in the same system why not.  I must admit it would be fun to bring in a 10k vinyl rig to hear that side of things in my room but... no I hate the pops and clicks and if you were to ever hear my system you’d say why would you.  I think I qualify as an audiophile. 
"geoff might know..."
I cannot wait 🥱 for him to wake up ⏰ and give 🎁 us an explanation🔮 of multidirectional 🔁 photonic 📸 cable entanglement ⚛️. 🧻🧻🧻
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Yes. But should someone who asks such a question be considered a troll?

No, but someone who ask the OP if their a Troll, could be!!! 

What is a troll???