Should Sound Quality of Computer Audio be improved

Unable to respond to, "Mach2Music and Amarra: Huge Disappointment"- Thread. Other Members take free pop-shots!
Apparently some have more Freedom Of Speech than others! I
don't know how many times I have said it, I want Computer
Audio to succeed! It will only succeed if Computers are designed from the ground up to reproduce Music (Same minimum standard applied for Equipment of ALL Audio Formats)! This is common sense Audio Engineering Design. Bandaid Modifications cannot be substituted for absence in design to produce Music! Design it right to EARN the right to become a New Audio Format- same as all other Audio Formats! No Freebee's, No Cutting Corners! Lack of design is what's causing such varied results in S.Q. between
listeners of Computer Audio. I see about 50% negative
responses here on these Threads. It will continue to happen unless you fix it! Blaming me won't help! I am an
Engineer, and I can read results! 50/50 success/ failure
rate- you have an inherit Engineering Design Flaw for the
reproduction of Music via Computers! Shock! Suprise- since
they were never designed for Music! So when is someone finally going to properly design the Equipment/Computer
(From the ground up) for Computer Audio? Do we continue
to treat any real criticism as "HERESY" in the lack of
design in Computer Audio for Music? You tell me what I am
allowed to talk about, and we will both know!
Nonoise- Yet I can count, and CD Manufacturers can confirm-
and verify the same numbers. It is not about mapping, but simple addition- and subtraction. Math remains the same in any territory. It is that simple. Why do you try to make it so difficult??? "soon All New Music will only be available as Music Downloads" means subtracting Audio Formats. It means subtracting Music Selection, and subtracting Music Archive. Downloading Format is adding way less than what is being subtracted, which leaves a negative left over. Historically other Format switchovers have left an overlap
during switchover, which leaves a positive left over. This
positive leftover comes at a cost to the Manufacturer. A negative left over is only there to boost the profits of
Manufacturers at your expense ( Music Selection ). Nonoise-
I know that you are smarter than this. Do you really need someone to draw you a Map to understand the simple mathematical concept of addition, and subtraction? I began this Thread, stopped using it many times, and got dragged back in again. "Should the Sound Quality of Computer Audio be improved" is my premise. It is also my premise that the increase in Music Selection in any Audio Format CAN ( Not Always ) improve the Selection in High Fidelity Audio Releases. First would be to improve the Selection available, then improve the Sound Quality. This was done with LP, and CD only after a large selection of either was available. Now you want to change all of the Audio Market rules for convenience, and up Manufacturer Profit at everyone's expense. It is not unreasonable for me to access what that expense might be in having limited availability to my Music. I am not worked up about it, I am very concerned about it. I become extremely concerned due to the complete lack of concern about this problem. Due to this, it can only become a self-defeating Prophecy based on attitude ( YES- attitude DOES count! ). I care when someone has to go without their Music. I care when someone is being forced to jump through hoops to gain access to their Music. I care especially when, and because, no one else will! I don't care about the 5 year old that can Download blindfolded, I care about the 50 year old that doesn't have the time to learn a new complicated multi-tasking Audio Format. He only has so much longer to live- cut him some slack before you cut his old Format, and maybe his only access to Music. Of course go ahead and throw Grandpa off of the bridge if you want, just don't make excuses for it-
or call it convenience.
This is the ONLY Audio Format switchover where we have less Music available NOW than we had before the switchover began.
That which is available now ( Non-MP3 Downloading ) apparently has to be searched for through the ever expanding four corners of the Internet. In other words "LOTTSA LUCK", in finding it! This is "Russian Roulet", or "Flipping a Coin" at finding access to your Musical Archive. Everyone admits as much that one has to " Do a Lot More Digging " to find their Music T-O-D-A-Y ( Than Yesterday Perhaps? ). This situation becomes compounded daily due to this becoming the acceptable trend,
thereby exponentially expanding a huge gap in missing Music Archive. You cannot say "Soon All New Music will ONLY be available as Music Downloads" without also subtracting a lot of Music in the process. This will limit Selection, and with it, limited access to many potential High Fidelity Releases. Not talking High Sound Quality in general, but in numbers of High Sound Quality Releases. The Numbers will always hit a ceiling, the limited Selection of Downloads available. The impression is that we have more High Fidelity Releases available today as Downloads, but one cannot argue against the severe limited availability of Music Download Selection. To say one does not affect the other denies reason. This situation will continue so long as: 1.Music Manufacturers Profit from the situation. 2.Computer Audio Users deny the situation. 3.Computer Manufacturers don't care about the situation. 4.Computer Manufacturers refuse (See no profit) in continuing research in development in Computer Audio 5.So long as Computer Manufacturers (No one) will take the lead in corporate development of Computer Audio.
Any one of these would be enough to unravel Computer Audio from becoming the Primary Audio Format. Without direction/ research/development/investment in increased selection/standardizing of format sound quality/accountability to customers- this cannot avoid failure lacking any plan for success. This is what the lack of these things add up to. An ad hock audio Format cannot succeed without SOME input, and no one willing to put forth any input into it. Absurd to expect maximum results out of it. Failure is NOT what I wish! I need (unfortunately) the success of Computer Audio to provide one of many sources
for necessary access to my Music Archive. One Format simply will not cut it- and this is unfortunately the situation that Computer Audio has created with limited selection in other Audio Formats. Computer Audio has to succeed if Music Audio listening will succeed. This will not happen unless something drastically changes with the situation of Computer Audio N-O-W!!! "Soon All New Music will NOT be available on anything" is the risk of making Music Listening Redundant. Don't take it for granted! Only way it doesn't become redundant is if steps are taken N-O-W to make sure it doesn't become redundant. Lack of steps by Computer Manufacturers listed above (And Attitude), and attitude of everyone involved must change to prevent failure. Best way to constructively create failure is to apathetically do nothing. One cannot possibly expect success such as "Soon All New Music Will Only Available As Music Downloads" without No Ones Input! That has to be Input from User as well as Manufacturer. Everyone's Input, or No Ones success. Success IS that dependent! This is the last response that I am Inputting onto this Thread. I wish everyone luck (Sincerely) in finding your Music in the near future without having to build "bomb shelters" of Music Archives. Such impending doom is not necessary, ridiculous, not beneficial to anyone, and should be avoided. As usual it is entirely up to you if we go down that road. I have spoke my peace- Thanks for listening, and I am out of here!
I expect insults, and negative responses to this response. Any chance that someone might come up with something constructive to add? Well, I tried!!! Fire away because I will no longer be Responding. Last Free Shots for The Entire House are On Me!

Why not just buy CDs and transfer them to an HD?

If you are finding downloads so difficult to find, as has been mentioned
a few hundred times to you now, your computer will play anything you like. unlike any other source in history.
@ mentioned in an earlier post that you were looking for a DAC. I recently bought a new Cambridge Audio DAC Magic 100 on ebay for $315. It has 3 different types of digital inputs and sounds pretty good. It's not the last word in digital to analog conversion, but it isn't bad for the money.
Petty we have been answering your "questions" - you just are not listening. These are not "pot shots" as you put it. As Chad stated - you came here for an argument, and an argument you found.

Thanks in advance for no longer responding. We win. You lose.

Very sorry that you can't seem to find music. We can!!!