Should we care if a piece of equipment comes from a pet-free, kid-free, smoke-free home?

I agree that I do not want a preamp or speaker coated with a film of smoke, but I am confused as to what a child or pet could do that would not be otherwise visible. You would see the cat scratches on the speaker grill, the dog chew marks on the rack, the iguana turds in the amplifier cooling vents. And what's a little dog hair among friends? As a 3 year old, I supposedly put my finger through my grandfather's new DIY speaker but I'm pretty sure he replaced the drivers so even that doesn't really matter. Most things will be visible and/or easily remedied.  Maybe the price will even be a little lower because of the cosmetics. If it doesn't mess with function, not a big deal to me.

What concerns me more is does it come from a drunk-free, drug-free home.  I think befuddled owners are far more worrisome than pets or children.



No kidding! Good humored sarcasm, irony and facetiousness are totally lost on a lot of guys here

That's a fact. 

Jokes are not watchword in an already political hot context.

we smile at jokes, we rally behind watchword...

Do you sense the difference?

Or perhaps some use a watchword making a very bad joke , it can be the case here or you can rewrote this watchword as a joke... ...

But anyway my historical instructive post about fascism and communism common origin in  social techno cultism materialism with Mandeville will teach you something you did not know... Then thank me for the information which is very deep and important... I am only half joking here... 😊 I dont wait for your thanks... 😊


No kidding! Good humored sarcasm, irony and facetiousness are totally lost on a lot of guys here

That’s a fact.

       When my daughter was five;  I put a system together for her with a Technics integrated.

      An older child was visiting, turned every knob on the Technics to max and THEN pushed the Power button.     It was on FM and the kid had managed to find a nice spot between channels (White Noise galore).

      Before I could reach the room, she had taken out the right channel's output IC and educated/reminded me about a lot of other peoples' children.     

                       (Just another way kids can abuse equipment.)

       Don't want to smell your cat, dog, or tar/nicotine (never have bought a smoked-in car, either).

       I've always thought there were others out there, that felt as I do, thus: anything I've sold, far as things electronic (since the kids have grown), have been listed as: 'From a smoke, pet, child and vermin* free home'.

                            *No fleas, ticks, roaches or mouse turds, either.

        Can't help but feel: I'm not the Lone Ranger; when it comes to buying a CLEAN piece of electronic gear or cabling.

                        Couldn't care less about the virtue signalers' opinions!

                                          Happy listening!

I sold all my gear as coming from a  "free  from audiophile vermin" home ..