Should we care if a piece of equipment comes from a pet-free, kid-free, smoke-free home?

I agree that I do not want a preamp or speaker coated with a film of smoke, but I am confused as to what a child or pet could do that would not be otherwise visible. You would see the cat scratches on the speaker grill, the dog chew marks on the rack, the iguana turds in the amplifier cooling vents. And what's a little dog hair among friends? As a 3 year old, I supposedly put my finger through my grandfather's new DIY speaker but I'm pretty sure he replaced the drivers so even that doesn't really matter. Most things will be visible and/or easily remedied.  Maybe the price will even be a little lower because of the cosmetics. If it doesn't mess with function, not a big deal to me.

What concerns me more is does it come from a drunk-free, drug-free home.  I think befuddled owners are far more worrisome than pets or children.



Hey, if you don’t care, you don’t care. Some people think that increases value, so I always include that information when I sell gear. And I always get great reviews, because I give a damn about whether or not people like what they buy and the service they receive.

Stop your judging and enjoy the hobby, that’s my advice.

And, oh, by the way, sometimes kid-free means the kids have grown up and moved out, as opposed to never having had any. If you judge people by the way they take care of their gear or the descriptions they put in ads, I wonder how many real friends you have.

The thing about cats and allergens is absolutely true. Bought a pair of speakers from a guy with cats once and they (the speakers) were a constant reminder that I’m allergic for at least a month. I eventually sold them, but only when I’d replaced them with something a little better.

no, absolutely not. what you should care about is if it comes from a home with pets, kids or a smoker!

+1 @normb 

Furthermore at one time I was allergic enough to cats I could tell if someone sitting next to me in a  restaurant had one . I would occasionally have to move my seat.

Had a roommate in college who smoked , it didn’t bother me until a girl I dated wouldn’t come over anymore because the room reeked , not of weed mind you . 
After I moved I noticed that everything did smell better .

My vintage system is now at my son’s house , his GF moved in and she has a cat . I’ve considered taking the equipment back …… but he enjoys the luxury of a classic stereo set-up. Luxman , Klipsch  etc .