Should we have an Audiophiles Anonymous

Alcoholics, gamblers, drug useres, why not us?. You've heard it expressed often enough, audiophiles have a sickness, well lets do something about it. I'm a physician and let me tell you, the signs are all there, the constant anxiety and self doubt, the sweats before the next purchase, the all too brief relief of symptoms with each new hit, shorter each time. All unmistakable to the trained eye, the promises to the wife, the pitiful attempts to hide a new purchase, the tears and recriminations when you're found out and brother are you always found out. How do women always now?
We need help, we deserve help, all we need is a program and here is the clincher, I'm sure there will be Federal funding in it, think of the system you could buy with that. No we must'nt weaken, it's been 10 days since my last purchase and that was only a little phono stage, hardly anything really, it does'nt really count, does it?
"Music hath charm to soothe the savage breast". It's Valium with no physical side effects. Enjoy!
does anybody else out there talk to their tubes? Or am I just completely nuts? Usually goes something like hey guys how are you all doing? Everybody is looking nice and bright and everybody is nice and quiet and behaving well I see. They always listen.
Heeeeeeeey everyone where can I get some...?pay good for it and cash too........come on don't be a jerk tell me where's your stash......told you I'll pay good for the S..t allright?
is yours made of that pure sonic stuff?once it enters your ears it's nirvana? I do not need a lot just a few good quality pure watts will fix me up..come on man.....