Should you use cleaner on your stylus?

I am hearing two diferent arguments on cleaning my stylus, I have a CA Aurum Beta S Mk. 2 MM cartridge on a JMW9 TA and 2 grams of pressure:
1) Should I use a cleaner, and if so what one?
2) What is the best stylus brush to use? Brand name please.
3) How often (hours of use) should I clean it, based on relatively clean LP's
I'll have to check out Mr. Clean. Right now, silly putty on a coin (Canadian Loonie)is working well for me.
I use the Paul and Doug World Famous MCME stylus brush, followed by soft artist's brush and/or the Onzow ZeroDust. I insert and glue a small, flat plastic handle into the MCME, making it easier to use. I include one with every order of the AI stuff. If anyone needs a P&D WF MCME stylus brush, just write me and I'll send you a couple.

One word about the ZeroDust. I paid $69 for mine. I have found that Silly Putty works 99% the same ... or as Doug might put it, 99.44% the same. If you find the Silly Putty is a little too tacky (as in sticky ... not as in lacking style), put it in the refrigerator. That will harden it ever so slightly. The refrigerator won't do much for the style part.

I hate to tell you, but Mehran (SoraSound) sells the Zero for about half that. Still costs more that the 99.44% effective Silly Putty though!