Shunyata Anaconda CX power cord - Ok to use on 240 VAC?

Goners, last week I went to the Shunyata web page (technical support site) to validate if these power cords could be used in a 240 VAC operation. Never got any answers from Shunyata.

I will rewire my dedicated circuits with 10 gauge wire and move my electrical circuit from 120 VAC to 240 VAC on my electrical panel. My Krell FPB 350 MCX can operate on 240 VAC by selecting a specific dip switch combination  in the amps. I cannot imagine why these would not operate on a 240 VAC. In Europe the operating voltage varies between 220-240 VAC and I know thta Shunyata serves these countries with their power cable product line. They just replace the end connectors on a given cable model. It would have been great to receive a confirmation from Shuyata but I guess I will have to rely on the Gon community.

Any help on this is appreciated.

Absolutely fine.  I've used my Anaconda CXs for years at 230V without any issues (later upgraded to King Cobra CX which I'm still using). 
@dasign - I’ll make a general comment about "most" conductors used for the construction of power cables - they are tested to operate safely at temerpatures up to 200C, and also to withstand voltages up to 600V.

Shunyata, being a very respectable company, would probably ensure their cables operate within those metrics. So from a safey perspective I do not believe their cables would present any risk at 240v

HOWEVER - taking the approach of using 240v vs.120 volt in your home would require input from a licensed electrician.

There is no telling how many "codes" you may be violating? e.g.
- size of the wire required - 10 gauge may not be enough
- two phase plugs in north america tend to be built for much heavier duty
- outlets may have to be of the larger variety

And then there is UL certifiication of the cables to 240v
- if there was a fire would the insurance company pay out?
- maybe not

Personally - I would not recommend  this approach 

Regards - Steve


Thank you for your reply. This is what I thought.



I totally understand your concerns about local electrical code. Do not worry, I have done my homeworks. The 10 gauge wire is Ok to operate in 240 VAC with a 20 amp breaker. The wire is UL certified. My outlets are Furutech GTX-D (R) and have been certified to operate up to 240 VAC by the manufacturer.