Shunyata Delta or Alpha V2 NR vs. AQ Hurricane HC

Anyone ever compare these cables on the amp? I’m pretty happy with Hurricane but wondering about the latest Shunyata.
Any thoughts?


So…few weeks spent with the Shunyata Alpha V2 NR I have a pretty good idea on what it does in my system.
By now the cable is fully broken in with over 400hrs on it.
Here’s my take on it based on what I’m hearing in my system in my room.

What it does well:

  1. Clarity
  2. Space and air
  3. Instrument separation
  4. Soundstage width

What I don’t like:

  1. Overall sonic signature is lean and cool
  2. Smaller images, despite the overall soundstage being wide and decent in depth
  3. Vocals sound thinner
  4. Overall there’s this “hi-fi” flavor to everything and that makes it less natural

There are trade offs here as with any change. When compared to AQ Hurricane, there are some things I like with the Shunyata better (the airiness for example), but overall I prefer the Hurricane despite its own faults. The AQ just sounds more natural and real to me in my system. I will be looking to try the Dragon but it’s going to take a while.


Once you try the Dragon it will be game over, so be ready to purchase.


@ozzy LOL that’s why I said it will take a while. 
I also want to try Audience AU24SX power cable to match my speaker cables. May be compare it with Dragon. 

Personally, I run Shunyata on the signal side and Audioquest (Tornado and Blizzard mainly), to the exact opposite of @vonhelmholtz

Exactly as you said, Shunyata has speed, (perhaps too much) clarity and top-end extension to it. But Audioquest on their PCs have the oomph, flesh on the bones and that fullness in the music that makes listening to music so enjoyable and realistic.

I would keep the Hurricane and add an Audioquest Niagara Power Conditioner. They are the real deal. As one reviewer wrote, in the past, there were days where the system sounded bad and some when it sounded marvelous (usually late in the evening or early morning when grid usage and pollution is low). After the switch it’s consistently sounding very good. A friend used to own the Furutech NCF, he now has switched to the Niagara 5000 after we tried my 1200 at his place.