Shunyata Delta or Alpha V2 NR vs. AQ Hurricane HC

Anyone ever compare these cables on the amp? I’m pretty happy with Hurricane but wondering about the latest Shunyata.
Any thoughts?


Personally, I run Shunyata on the signal side and Audioquest (Tornado and Blizzard mainly), to the exact opposite of @vonhelmholtz

Exactly as you said, Shunyata has speed, (perhaps too much) clarity and top-end extension to it. But Audioquest on their PCs have the oomph, flesh on the bones and that fullness in the music that makes listening to music so enjoyable and realistic.

I would keep the Hurricane and add an Audioquest Niagara Power Conditioner. They are the real deal. As one reviewer wrote, in the past, there were days where the system sounded bad and some when it sounded marvelous (usually late in the evening or early morning when grid usage and pollution is low). After the switch it’s consistently sounding very good. A friend used to own the Furutech NCF, he now has switched to the Niagara 5000 after we tried my 1200 at his place.

I’ve tried a lot of the new Shunyata cables in my system. I think they make for great medical equipment cables but they just aren’t as enjoyable/ musical as Cardas or transparent in my system. I would never consider Audioquest cables. They are all made in China, even the top models. 


I have two REL subwoofers, a 300 watt/channel integrated, streamer, DAC and phono preamp plugged into the Everest power conditioner.


in regard to your above statement : I wouldn’t plug your subs on your power conditioner. I would plug the subs directly to the wall.

Interesting discovery…

Tried the Shunyata cable on my Bricasti M3 in place of the Furutech FPS-032n with FI-28(R) connectors. The Furutech went on to power the amp. 
The outcome is more natural tone, more engaging and non-fatiguing presentation. Instead of wanting to lower the volume it begs to be cranked up and opens up nicely at around 85-90db. The noise floor is significantly lower and the highs lost harshness and regained the smoothness and liquidity I’ve gotten so accustomed to with my system. Vocals and strings have more presence and body. There’s a flow to the presentation that’s quiet special.
The funny thing is the 12 gauge Furutech cable is a better fit on my Pass amp than the significantly more expensive 8 gauge Shunyata. Or is it the Shunyata that’s a better fit for the DAC than it is for my amp? This is a surprise to say the least.