Shunyata Denali Power Cord

Just got a Shunyata Denali 6000T and was wondering what other users are using to power the unit.  I have a Delta NR on loan which sounds great but I'm wondering if the NR capabilities of the cable are redundant given the CCI filters built-in to the Denali.  Curious for any advice, thanks!
Depends on the noise sources near you, and the gear's own filtering.

Looking at them, it looks like a very similar thing that goes on with series mode surge protection. Big coil in series with the load. Good idea.

It would be really interesting to compare them to Furmans with LiFT and SMP, especially the units with separate filter banks.
Shunyata's position is the the NR cords don't really add anything on the Denali and the Triton and that all you need are the EF cables.  To make that point, they were running a promotion a while back where you would get a free Sigma EF cable with a Triton purchase.
@bar81 Yeah that’s kinda what I figured. Hoping to save some dough and get the Delta or Alpha EF as opposed to the NR series if the NR is redundant with the Denali. 
I have used a number of good aftermarket power cords on my Denali and they all seem to work well, I can't say that one sounded better on the Denali than another. Examples of what I have used: Shunyata NR, Furutech DPS-4, Cerious Technologies Graphene Blue and yellow, Matrix, Elrod EPS-3 Signature.