Shunyata Diamondback PC with Wattgate connectors

Has anyone tried replacing the diamonback power cord generic connectors with Wattgate/Marinco I know that shunyata doesn't start using better connectors on anything less than the Copperhead. I have two Diamonbacks that I want to use on a PANAMAX MAX 5510-PRO conditioner and an OPPO BDP-93 Blu Ray. I'd appreciate your inputs and advise.

I would be surprised if you noticed any difference at all in a blind test. Visually they will look different and they may be harder to insert into the outlet. Sound-wise I would be very skeptical. Just my two cents.
I think the difference would be negligible as well. I would recommend using the funds required for buying Wattgates and instead buy the next level cable and sell your Diamondback. Eventually you'll probably want new cables and the money you "invested" in modifying your current cable will actually hurt you if you decide to sell that cable because it is not stock. I personally am wary of certain cables that have been user modified because they appear to be knock offs. Just my two cents as well.
Hello, the connectors are not cheap or underperforming. They are reference grade connectors that are crimped and soldered in place. Replacing them would almost inevitably degrade performance due to re-connection. The DiamondBack and Venom 3 connectors are custom-made to spec and are every bit as good as the connectors we apply to our higher end range. They exist solely to eliminate our US hand labor costs and termination, which largely explains those cables low prices.

Just an FWIW.

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