Shunyata EF vs. NR power cords

Anyone here has compared NR and EF versions side by side?

Only interested in Alpha, and possibly Sigma lines.

The Cable Co. is running a promotion 20% off, so it’s tempting. Unless of course someone had a better angle price wise.

This is for my Innuos ZENith MK3.

Shunyata says to go with the NR.  The sale is still on.  I spoke with a great guy at Shunyata very recently and he recommended the NR over the EF for any streamer.  Customer feedback is 50/50 with the NR combined with tubed equipment.  Shunyata also says it's ideal to stay within the same level throughout your system.  My understanding is that you can substitute Alpha with Anaconda within a system.  I hope that helps in deciding whether to go Alpha or Sigma.  Enjoy your Innuos ZENith MK3!
For those following, I had Sean Jacobs, the designer of the power supply on Innuos MK3 line, make me one of his Silver power cords for my ZENith MK3. The built should be ready on Monday, then shipped to me from UK. We’ll see...

I am still interested in trying a Shunyata Sigma NR. For my amp. And maybe a Sigma USB cable too