Shunyata Hydra Users....Your Opinion please...

I am thinking of obtaining the Shunyata Hydra. The Hydra takes an 20 amp iec vs the more common 15 amp iec variety. When I was in California recently, a Shunyata dealer stated to me that "the Hydra is pretty much a high end power bar/surge protector, and that it's the power cable that creates the magic...". I thought his statement was rather simplistic. Working on a tight budget, my plan originally was to buy a used high quality cable from Audiogon from either Audience or Cardas (with a 20 amp iec) to mate with the Hydra 4 instead of the rather expensive Shunyata power cords. I was wondering if there are any Hydra owners out there that have paired their Hydra's with other company's power cords....and what was the result? Is it the Shunyata power cords that create the magic? ....or can the magic be created with another power cord? Is the Hydra simply a glorified power bar/surge protector?

FYI...I currently own the PS Audio P300...and love it...but my room is rather small...and the fan noise is something that I want to get rid of....thus wanting to move to the Hydra.

Thank you!
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I think you can find 20/15 amp adapters here. This is where I purchase item 1422($3). It is an adapter that allows me to plug standard electrical devices into a audio-type power cord for burn in. I think you will find the same device is $16 or more from an audiofool source.

Legal disclaimer: I make no recommendation for or against using an 20/15amp adapter for other than PC comparison purposes. (My lawyer makes me say stuff like that.)

My Hydra-8 came with a Diamondback 20 amp PC. I was not impressed with the Hydra performance. Shunyata reps advised me to upgrade to a Python Alpha 20 amp. I upgraded to the Python but did not notice much difference--at first.

After burning in the Python Alpha I did a comparison with the Diamondback which was already burned in. A friend was with me when I did the comparison. We turned to each other and made kaka faces with the Diamondback. I could not get it out of the system fast enough.

I still have the Hydra-8 and have no desire to replace it. I now have 5 Python Alpha power cords. One on the Hydra and 4-15amp versions on critical gear.

I thought the power cord to the Hydra would not be critical. Shunyata reps told me the opposite and I proved it to myself. I should add that I have a dedicated 20-amp power source.

Good listening.
I've used the original Hydra for four+ years. It came with the Sidewinder which I'm still using. I sold my Shunyata Viper's for BMI Whales because I felt the Hydra did much of the work regardless of the pcs I sampled. I auditioned Virtual Dynamic and Elrod cords and I'm happy with the current setup.
When I bought my orig Hydra a number of years back I did compare it with the PS Audio conditioner at that time. The Hydra greatly outperformed the PS Audio (in my system). A far more relaxed musical presentation yet more transparent and dynamic.

Since then I've replaced the stock Sidewinder PC to the Hydra with a VH Audio Airsine which opened things up further lifting yet another veil (albeit not to the same extent as the Hydra itself).

Has anyone compared the orig Hydra with the newer Hydra 8?
I used my Hydra2 with Shunyata Diamondback cord. It was very nice, but I upgraded to VH Audio Flavor 4 power cord with Furutech Gold connectors and it is an improvement over the Diamondback. This Hydra2 is for analog components(amp and pre), on my other Hydra2(digital components) I still use the Diamondback. Both cords are good and if the budget is tight, I would not hesitate to recommend Flavor4 with Furutech Gold connectors. It can be obtained for the same $ as used Audience. Audience cord is very good for DACs and CD players though....