Shunyata Triton V3 a step up or good alternative to PS Audio P15?

I’m currently using a PS Audio P15 to power a PS Audio stack (DSD/BHK Pre/BHK 250) with Shunyata Alpha NR cables. The P15 has a pretty profound impact on the sound quality, but I struggle with brightness and ear fatigue from it and don’t like thinking about the wasted electricity. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Shunyata cables, etc and I’m curious if the Triton V3, or even Denali, has a similar or better level of improvement but without the fatigue and brightness (and maybe deeper blacks)?

Maybe your room acoustics are better areas to start.What do you have? 

If you have bare floors, try experimenting with blankets on the floor between or behind the speakers. That will give you an idea.
Better acoustics will improve the sound and may be able to compensate somewhat for a bright sound, but this is not an acoustic problem. When I use the P15, and only the P15, my tinnitus acts up, and I even get a mild amount of vertigo and dizziness. It sounds great but 15-20 minutes later I am running to disconnect it. No other component I have used has done this. 
I want comparable improvement to the sound, but without these artifacts that are driving me crazy.
I've owned both versions of the Denali 6000 as well as the Triton v3.  There is nothing about either that brings to mind brightness.  If you're using any of the above and have brightness, you have bigger problems.  The performance of the Shunyata products has been covered in many reviews -  my favorite being:
Well that's encouraging. A lot of people with the same setup as me love the PS Audio Powerplants, but mine is doing something harsh and fatiguing. The reply is usually, "If it doesn't sound right, it must be your power" but it's a freaking power regenerator! Anyway...

My experience with Shunyata stuff has been a pretty relaxing black background.
Actually, I wonder if the PP is working correctly, either generating bad power, or emitting excess EMI/RFI.

Is it physically close to a key component? If so, does moving it help?