Shunyata Triton

OK, here is my 1-hour-new experience with the Triton.

OMG, I hooked up the Triton in a quick manner chained with my old Vray2 (Vray to wall, Triton to Vray, all components into Triton) and it immediately transformed the sound immensely!
With my eyes closed I would think I had new speakers. Tight controlled bass (that had been slightly flabby), MUCH rounder, more developed images with beautiful texture.
The whole soundscape has much more depth even though my 2-way monitor speakers are close to the wall. A problem I had was that I was constantly moving my chair or head side to side because
the soundfield would sometimes collapse to the right or left (I have no balance control on my preamp, but I find balance controls usually do more harm than good anyway, like tone controls),
and, miraculously, something I was not expecting, the Triton seems to fix that. Unbelievable.

Previously, if I angled my speakers inward to improve the imaging (firm up the image placement), the tweeters would beam somewhat and be a little bright and fatiguing. The Triton now lets me toe-in the speakers and the highs are not overdone at all, but they still soar and are very sweet, just right.

I've had a number of power conditioners before and the affects were either subtly very good or they did
harm (like a forward sound from re-generators, or muddy bass when a power amp was plugged into them). The Triton is not subtle. It is just plain great.

Everybody should strive to get one of these, IMHO of course.
My dealer say if I buy a Triton I must use the very expensive new Anaconda C19 as power cable (4500USD in Europe) from Triton to wall. Is this true? Whats the price of that cable in US?
Cant I buy a older used Anaconda or the Zitron Cobra you talking about.
I tried various cords, and and old original Shunyata Anaconda 20-amp cord works best with my Triton. Yes my amps are plugged into it.