Shunyata ztron power vs cx cables...

Hi, I have a few Shunyata CX powercords (anaconda cx and king cobra cx). Has anyone done a detailed comparison? What are your thoughts as to the differences?

I did just replace my Hydra vray II with a Hydra Triton, and that was a nice improvement, in clarity, naturalness, ease and dynamics. It was one of those upgrades that once it goes in...wasn't even worth going back to compare...

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the detailed post of your impressions! I may have to find an alternate mean of breaking in my Cobra IC because I have a tube integrated amp and tube CD player but possibly could put in some cheap 6SN7 in my player and run that 24/7 with my tube amp off when not listening

Thank you for the update. After reading some preliminary reports out in the "field" from a few other forums and your update, I am led to believe that the new Zitron Cobra is a much better performing cable than the previous Python cables. Now, the question is where to purchase these newer products. I found only one web site so far. Any suggestions?
Thank you Oddeophile for your detailed description and welcome to the discussion. Your experience is aligned with what Vhiner has been sharing with us. It's good to know the cables will improve over time. I'm in a phase where they are not sounding excellent (I have ~110H on them). Highs/medium are thin and the presentation is flat (no 3D). As you said I need to be patient :-).

Anyone of you using a power conditioner in addition to your AC cables? For my part, I'm using a Torus AVR15.

I have not heard the ZTron AC cables, but from what I have read here and there the ZTron adds a very fast transient "jump factor" to the sound and at least one person felt they exceeded the CX series.

For me, it does not matter. I love the combination CX King Cobra/Anaconda AC cables throughout my system coupled with the ZTron Anaconda signal/speaker cables and Python ZTron XLR digital cable.

I have noted, also, on Audiogon that nobody seems to be selling their CX AC cables so that tells me something.

Frankly, I adore my CX AC cables and plan on having them stay with me for a very long time.



Yeah, that is the tough part of dealing with these cables with tubes. Of course, you could procure a Cable Cooker but that is not very inexpensive, either.

I lust after the Audio Research Reference 5 SE, but alas, will not enter my system until a long time. The Shunyata's set me back a lot for a long time.