Shunyata ztron power vs cx cables...

Hi, I have a few Shunyata CX powercords (anaconda cx and king cobra cx). Has anyone done a detailed comparison? What are your thoughts as to the differences?

I did just replace my Hydra vray II with a Hydra Triton, and that was a nice improvement, in clarity, naturalness, ease and dynamics. It was one of those upgrades that once it goes in...wasn't even worth going back to compare...

Thanks in advance

The main sources are Music Direct and the Cable Company. I use Galen Carol Audio. Galen's a straight shooter. I'm sure others have their favorites.
I think like all components of the audio chain they are system dependent and more importantly listener preferences.

I've compared the Cobra ztron with the Python cx and the Anaconda cx with the Python ztron. I preferred the cx combination. In my system the Cobra was indeed faster, livelier, but lost body and bass. Soundstage narrowed and presentation became forward. The difference of the cobra with Python cx is very evident from the start. Comparing Python ztron to the Anaconda cx I found the ztron to sound bigger, more bass and body but slower. Bass is not as tight as Anaconda but soundstage wider and deeper. Overall slightly darker sounding. I heard more details with the Anaconda.

I say system dependent because I use cx all the way from source to amps so that may have contributed to the presentation I heard. If I compared the all cx system with an all ztron system perhaps my findings will be different.

Which ones are better? Who knows. Only you can decide what kind of presentation you like.
If you guys want to burn in your power cables just buy one of the adapter cables Shunyata sells and hook it up to your refrigerator for 24/7 high current cable break-in. Or this for way less $:

Thanks for sharing what you've experienced. I assume these were broken in loaner cables (?) I have heard from a few others about how the Cobra Zitrons are very fast but lack bass weight compared to CX Anaconda. I was particularly interested in your impression of the Python Zitron PC on that model has been scarce. I'm anxious to hear from someone who has listened to a broken in Anaconda Zitron PC.

I'll be posting some observations about the new Python Zitron XLR digital cable in a few days.

Yes, your assumption is correct. Both Cobra and Python ztrons have been broken in substantially and given time to settle. I've compared the Cobra ztron against the Python cx but not the Anaconda cx. I've compared the Python ztron against the Anaconda cx. The Python ztron made the presentation darker, and a little slower but made the soundstage wider and deeper. To some that could be a welcome tradeoff but I prefered the Anaconda cx's presentation. I'd welcome the wider and deeper soundstage though if the change in presentation was not obvious.