Shunyata ztron power vs cx cables...

Hi, I have a few Shunyata CX powercords (anaconda cx and king cobra cx). Has anyone done a detailed comparison? What are your thoughts as to the differences?

I did just replace my Hydra vray II with a Hydra Triton, and that was a nice improvement, in clarity, naturalness, ease and dynamics. It was one of those upgrades that once it goes in...wasn't even worth going back to compare...

Thanks in advance
Ok, the Anaconda Zitron power cord finally finished cooking on my Classe' Delta 2200 amplifier.

Finally, on day 10 everything came together. The sibilance, harshness and brightness I began to hear on day 5 are gone and now I have the best PC I've ever heard. Bar none. The bass is simply amazing, both in quality and scope. It hits me in the chest and moves air in the room. On the other end, micro details are coming out in ways that very much resemble what I've heard the Python IC's and SC's do. I'm listening to the Beatles' Love CD and I'm hearing things I've never heard before.
I can hear much deeper into the recording and notice room ambience and instrument timbre where I haven't before.

The differences between this and the KC and Anaconda are not subtle. I frankly thought the jump from the old Helix line to the CX's was more evolutionary than revolutionary. This Anaconda Zitron belongs in a whole other class. Bass and dynamics are at least 50 percent better. In my system, the Anaconda Zitron may be a bit less forgiving of lousy recordings than the Anaconda CX and King Cobra CX but this may be just a result of the cord being more revealing and transparent in presentation.

I keep repeating this but it's worth noting that the cord sounded quite strident, harsh and lifeless during the 120-hour break in period. So, beware of quick judgments and critical listening until it gels. I've been told those with tube amplifiers may not experience this unpleasantness but that solid-state owners like myself tend to notice it more. It was worth the wait.

I'm not sure if the gauge in my Cobra Zitron PC is
sufficient because my JPS AC+ produces a wider and
deeper soundstage on my Vac tube amp.
Hello Vhiner,

that's very interesting. Did you have the chance to evaluate a Python against the Anaconda before making your choice? I have one remaining power cable to buy (I have some Cobra and Python but no Anaconda) and I'm wondering whether the top cable is worth the additional 1000$. If anyone has some info on the subject please share your impressions. Thanks!

I have *not* heard the Python Zitron...but those who have tell me the Anaconda beats it by a considerable margin, at least when it is applied to amps and power conditioners to the wall. I've decided I have to have one for my Triton. Thanks for the recommendation, Jfrech!
Wig, I do think the gauge, as least in this case, is the cause for the difference in imaging. As I have not heard your 2 cables, I can't directly comment.

But I did think the King Cobra CX and Anaconda CX threw wider stages...the zitrons are certainly deeper, as I am listening right now, the additional depth may give you a initial impression that width is smaller...when maybe it's not...just another thing to listen for ...