Shunyata ztron power vs cx cables...

Hi, I have a few Shunyata CX powercords (anaconda cx and king cobra cx). Has anyone done a detailed comparison? What are your thoughts as to the differences?

I did just replace my Hydra vray II with a Hydra Triton, and that was a nice improvement, in clarity, naturalness, ease and dynamics. It was one of those upgrades that once it goes in...wasn't even worth going back to compare...

Thanks in advance
I think you'll be thrilled on the Canorous cables...I had a few of the 20th anniversary and those were hard to sell...easily up there with King Cobra CX's, I suspect you'll like some things about each and comes down to system matching...

The PAD cables will take a few weeks to settle in...just like the Shunyata's...I'll be personally curious on what you think...good luck !!
Jfrech, I got a Canorus power cords latest revision and comapred them with my Anaconda and Kobra CX. If interested, please email me at
My dealer had suggested I tried a Siltech power cable for my amp while the rest of the system is fed with Shunyata cables. He said that the Siltech provides speed and coherence and that it was a very good match with the other Shunyatra cables. I received the new cable yesterday and what I can say is WOW. Of course the cable is new so no burn-in yet but what it provides is very interesting. A bit more speed indeed but clear improvements with regards to cleaning the backstage. The background scene is cleaner, improvement in micro details is outstanding. A bit as if I had adjusted the picture sharpness if you don't mind this TV analogy. As I said in a previous post, I will probably buy a Python or Anaconda cable for the last remaining cable in my system but I thought you guys might be interested to know that using a Siltech for the amp provides that "last" edge of transparency. I do not think I would use Siltech cables for all my components (too much of a good thing I guess) as I think Shunyata is really what transforms your system. But, I'm glad my dealer made that recommendation. He's a big fan of Shunyata so that tells a lot.
The chorus of experience!
I'm on the side of mix 'n match. Cobra on most components, but an older model, like originals Python and KCs on a digital front end can bring the best of both. Digital front ends need quieting down, and that compound they had makes the line they're now running (z-trons) sound even quieter. I'd say it also firms up the image focus, too.
This "neutrality" thing is aces, but sometimes "neutral" means "grey" or pearly-white. I don't know this is true, but some people will trade resolution for "weight." I saw a point TAS writer made, Jonthan Valin by name. Resolution and tone color didn't always go hand-in-hand. So, you can get neutral and lose warmth/richness or whatever you may. If the goal is neutral, what is music? Neutral? I don't think Boston's hall is neutral: it's really, really warm - sounding. So aren't we talking about the halls we hear music in as much as the components? I'd love to hear the Musikverein before I leave this planet - and the chances are good I will.
Anyway, I like the first line of the Shunyata power cords. Second line, eh. Third line, better. 4th line, great. Fifth line, great too, but measurement-oriented and we all know music don't follow measurements. The fifth line is real good, but it doesn't have focus like the first line, and less weight to the sound. Me, I'd stick with a mix or first Shunyatas , maybe on the conditioner and the digital pieces, and the rest Python and the others.
Has anyone compared the Hydra Zitron with the Synergistic Research Powercell 10 SE Mk II? I'm considering replacing my some of my 6-year old transparent conditioners.