Shure VST V

Are any other similar sounding cartridges,have always thought it has a great sound and just curious if there are other cartridge makers sound since Shure no longer makes cartridges?
Just add Jico SAS to your Shure if you like it so much. 

But there are so many great MM cartridges from the same era, but from the Japanese manufacturers like Victor, Audio-Technica, Grace, Pioneer ... I think it is not a problem that one or another company stopped making certain models or completely stopped cartridge production. The amount of NOS carts and NOS styli for them is big even after 30 years since some series were discontinued. The question is how good is the cartridge, no matter how old is the model. 

Jico SAS is new styli for some old cartridges, but make sure it's SAS (Super Analog Stylus), not just JICO, because SAS is MicroRidge on Boron cantilever (or Ruby and Sapphire). Can be an upgrade for some old carts. 
Yes I contacted about the stylus upgrade and was told they where taking orders again.Some of those carts are hard to come by and high cost as well.
You can also email to the manufacturer directly:

I think SAS is the most ecomony way to get your Shure back to life with better stylus/cantilever

Well its still working like charm,bought it off a gentleman and had very low hours but know it will need to replaced at sometime.