shy about prices

I assume a lot of you are in the industry and maybe you can answer this: why is it so hard or impossible to get pricing info for speakers?

I received a lot of suggestions for my speaker list to include more brands and I tried. I lookup up the company homepage, I searched for pricelists, however out of date, I emailed the company - nothing. Why are companies "hiding" the prices of their products they intend to sell?

This is not a generalization, I don’t mean to conflate companies with user-friendly and informative web sites (~30%) with the mystery ones (~20%). And the rest (~50%) are OK/could be better.


@lonemountain in a prior life i built n sold and delivered a few freighters.. from 737 up to 747. You are correct in general. My point was usa manufacturers exporting may have a global price set by the higher international costs and zero ( or very close to it ) sales in the usa happen at that global price…. walk in the usa dealer door for an instant discount…. sometimes 20-30%…. and then customer is disappointed to learn that a competing home country product ( including cabinets made in the USA ) are not sold at the same % off…..


tomic 601- arranging a simple global price structure is quite difficult as it the same exact problem you describe accurately above applies to any business in their home market.  So a German company can sell for less in Germany while end users in the US assume the US dealer is ripping them off!   

It’s simply marketing. If prices were upfront, the product may be ruled out if too expensive. But, if the customer dives into the product benefits there’s a chance that the customer may raise their budget to purchase if motivated enough - increased chance of purchase. And yes, one often has to look a bit to find the price on pricy items.