Siemens EL 34

I came across Siemens EL 34 tubes for sale at RAM tubes.

My understanding is that these are 1970's tubes manufactured at the old Telefunkin factory.

I have heard conflicting reports of the sonic character of this era Telefunkin tube.  On one extreme warm and large sound stage.  On the other end, thin and a bit bright.

Has anyone heard that era Siemens/ Telefunkin EL 34?


@decooney I tried Gold Lion KT77's back when I owned a Music Reference RM9 MK2.  I preferred Gold Lion KT88's and Siemens EL34's in this amp, as the GL KT77's lacked emotion and just sounded too clean & lean in my experience.  YMMV.


i’m curious, in your comment below, are you referring to modern day production russian made gold lion kt77’s -- or -- the true-blue old stock british gec/mo-valve/genalex gold lion kt77’s?

in my experience, i still find the real deal british kt77’s to be the absolute pinnacle of all el34 equivalents, a step above even british mullard or dutch amperex el34’s.... silky smooth yet extended highs, dense yet tactile and delicate midrange with a beautiful spotlighting effect, and terrific control and slam down low (which the mullards lack to a degree) ...

FWIW…the best I’ve ever tried the New production “Tung Sols” EL 34 B.  It is a superb tube…and made my musical reference RM9 MK2 sound glorious.



@jjss49 both the KT77 and KT88's that I have owned are the current re-issues, which I've heard pale in comparison to the originals.