Signal break up on 7 month old Bluesound Node 2i

I stream music on a Bluesound Node 2i using Tidal.  I hard wired my Bluesound using CAT6 cable and I connected the Bluesound by way of RCA cables to my ARCAM AVR 550.  All of a sudden after many hours of listening, I am experiencing signal break up and a stuttering sound when playing one album titled, "Eternal Light" by Morten Lauridsen.  So far, I am not experiencing this problem when playing other albums from my library.  I wonder if anyone might have experienced this problem and if they know what might be causing this problem.  My Bluesound Node 2i is about 7 months old.

I also wonder if anyone can hear a difference when playing MQA Tidal recordings.  For some reason I think I can hear greater clarity and a larger sound stage.  Is it possible when playing my Bluesound Node 2i connected RCA to my ARCAM in order to get the complete unfold of MQA if I am hearing a higher resolution.  Perhaps higher than 24/96.  Unfortunately, the Bluesound does not display the level of resolution as when I was playing it through a ProJect S2 DAC.

You are all so knowledgeable and I will certainly enjoy reading your responses.  
I will give this a try.  Didn't think I would ever get signal break up because I have my Bluesound hard wired by way of CAT6.  
I would think it is the file from Tidal and not your equipment since it is the only one that does it. Possibly stream from Amazon or Pandora, etc and see if the breakup is part of the recording as Mofimadness suggested??
You have certainly stumbled upon the greatest minds in audio -not . Are you using your node with the volume turned up all the way in the app ? Or is it fixed. There could possibly be a gain issue. I’ve ran across it before . Perhaps the node is down and the amp is pegged. ? I’m not familir with the amp . Fiddle with different levels and see if the noise goes away. You may even have dirty dials or connectors . Try all the easy stuff first. I’ve thought the world is ending before and it was 9 times out of ten simple. 
I rebooted my modem and unplugged the power cord from the Bluesound and reconnected it.  It appears this might have solved the problem.  Thanks to all for your help.