Signal vs. Audio Art vs. Speltz Anti? Need help...

I'm looking to get an interconnect cable (between int. amp and cd player) and speaker wire at a budget. Has anyone compared two or all three of these brands? Has anyone heard anything better at the $100 and under range outside of these brands (that has compared them to any of these brands)?

I'm intentionally not mentioning what my system comprises (partially because I haven't bought the components yet), but mostly because I'm just looking for general comparisons and otehr people's experiences. Also, to circumvent anyone trying to tell me that it's all individual based on my system, I understand that, and for those who want to tell me to audition them first, I just don't have the patience for it. I just want to buy some cables based on general recommendations. If I'm really unhappy with them, I can try and upgrade or switch later on. No offense anyone, just being honest and trying to keep things simple. Any advice would be much appreciated.

mtrot, give us an update on the ic-3's.
a killer cable for sale on audio circle is the kci mandarina.
Well, I have no longer been A/B comparing the IC-3s to other cables, just listening. I do think they sound as good as the IC-1 or the Speltz anti-ic. They do allow a bit more HF content.

Keep in mind, I am not using a great system here. Oppo 970 dvd player into a Sony ES receiver. It may be that in a better system, it might be easier to discern differences between interconnects.
Have just replaced an all Signal Anolog-2s with the IC-3s.(4 Pair).
No contest in my system, a top to bottom improvement more detailed and lots more dynamic. Just waiting to recieve the SC-5s hope it works out to be as good.
FWIW they are both goods guys to deal with.
the sc-5's are great speaker cables, i almost sold my straley sc but kept them because they are more extended than the sc-5's, but i still have the sc-5's.
BTW, as a follow-up, I ended up buying an Audio Art IC-3 interconnect cable and SC-5 speaker cables. I haven't received them yet and honestly will be a bad person to review them since I'm new to the audiophile world and have almost no basis of comparison, BUT I'm very happy with my purchase and Rob at Audio Art was a pleasure to deal with.